Telling us that Summer's gone,
And soon there will appear,
A cold and windy Winter wind,
To nip our nose and ear.


Leaves piled so high,
All over the yard.
There should be a law,
That these leaves be barred.
We'll rake them all up,
And then don't you see.
When Spring rolls around,
They'll be back on the trees.

E.H. Coe 1978
Telling us enjoy the days,
Enjoy them while you can.
For soon o'er colored leaves we'll have,
A snow'y Winterland.

E.H. Coe, 1973

October's sundrenched landscape,
With colors bright and gay.
Telling us it's Autumn,
And Winter's on it's way.
Mom and Dad enjoyed the month of October. That's when they would go to the orchards and get their apples and cider! Hope you enjoy this one!!!