"No School"

No school today, there's too much snow,
With ice and temperatures down so low.
The bus won't run, the back roads bad,
And all the kids are feeling sad.
No school today, there's too much snow,
Dealing parents such a blow.
With kids all home both large and small,
Will drive their mothers up the wall.
No school today, there's too much snow,
And now the parents all will know.
How much the teachers have to take,
Five days a week, just for their sake.
No school today, there's this to say,
To thank the teacher, there's no way.
These teachers great, this is their call,
But kids must drive them up the wall!!

E.H.Coe 1978
Dad had a stroke in April, 1982. His Three Youngest Grandchildren, Corey, Carrie, and Matt, were born in 1983. After the stroke, Dad was unable to write his Wonderful Poems. So, This page is Dedicated to Them!!! Hope You Like It!!!!!!!
Click on each Apple to go to West High School, the school that We went to, and Millersport, the school where all of Our Children went!!!
Corey and Matt are now in College. Carrie is working full time!!