"New Year"

The bright New Year starts fresh and clean,
Whether old, or in your teens.
Middle age'd or baby be,
The New Year starts fresh, don't you see.
So what we do with this New Year,
Is what will keep it fresh and clear.
And so you see it's in our hand,
To make this year one really grand.

E.H. Coe 1972
"New Year's"

We have an awful habit, about this time of year,
To make a New Year's promise, that's generally not sincere.
We say we won't do this or that, that we'll shape up and more,
But after this day's over, we've a very sorry score.
So why don't we just trust in God, and tell Him of our plan,
For He has ways to help us, since we're only mortal man.
His plan will always be the best, His promise He will keep.
And we will then be counted not as goats, but as
His sheep.

E.H. Coe 1978

"New Year's Wish"

Work when there's work,play when there's play,
Make every person, happy all day.
Love all your neighbors, draw the world near,
This starts you off on a great, great New Year.
Look at the bright side, never the bad,
Think of the wonderful friends we've all had.
Love the small children that get in our way,
And to our Great God, forget not to pray.
Lovingly help the sick and the old,
It brings us love, and feelings untold.
Give God the glory, for these many things,
And we'll end up in Heaven, with the angels we'll sing.

E.H. Coe 1977
Here are a few New Year poems that Dad wrote!! Hope you enjoy reading them!!!
I wish Everyone a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, NEW YEAR 2007!!!