Mom and Dad wrote the "Millersport News" for the "Lancaster Eagle Gazette" for many years! Mom would get the news and Dad would type it, using one finger!!! They also delivered the paper around the area!! This is a poem that Dad wrote about
"Their Experience"!!!

It's like pulling teeth,as old timer's say,
For us to get some new's today.
We try and try and rack our brain,
But every thing comes out the same.
Of course you know, we could say,
Miss So and So is sick today,
Or Grandpa Smith, as he did whittle,
Cut himself, to the hospial
He was rushed, and don't you know,
He's back again, they had to sew.
Or Mrs. Blank has gone to stay
With her sister, far away.
The clubs in town, their meetings held,
But to give us news, they're not compelled.
So we'll just have to do our best,
And try to fill in all the rest
Of news that they like in this town,
And in the area, all around!

E.H. Coe 1972

Mom belonged to a Club in town called "Twig #13".
The Club made money to buy equipment for the Local Hospital. This is a poem that Dad wrote about
"Twig # 13" !!!
"Twig #13"

The ladies of our village, get together once a month,
For a meeting that's important, don't you see!
They combine a social hour with their business, and you know,
It benefits the whole community.
They help the hospital fight disease,
So their good deeds are not seen.
So let's all take our hat's off,
To the Girls of Twig Thirteen!!

E.H. Coe 1972
"Look Around"

If you think you have had it rough,
Take time to look around.
You'll see some other person,
Who's been trampled in the ground.
If you think fate don't smile  on you,
Just look down the street.
You'll see some poor unhappy soul,
Without enough to eat.
If you think life has been unkind,
Just look upon your kin.
Then you'll see how lucky,
You have really been.
For life is what you make it,
It is strictly up to you.
And anyway I'll tell you friend,
You've got to see it through.

E.H. Coe 1972
Midi playing "Alf"!!
Mom always enjoyed watching this TV show! AND, Mom had "Stuffed Alf's" Too!!!
Most graphics came from GranGran's