This is a poem that Dad wrote for the Grandkids!! And he also wrote, as he called them, "Valentine Verses"
"My Valentines"

Five red hearts, all them mine,
I guess you'd say, My Valentines.
Some small, some large, some in between,
But they're all mine, as can be seen.
They visit me, to bring me lines,
Such as, "Please be my Valentine".
Sam, getting large, my, see him grow,
Cammy, cute, red cheeks aglow.
Shaun is next, with boisterous vim,
Silent Timmy, next to him.
Shannon, small with reddish hair,
Putting on such grown up airs.
And now that February's here,
Each gives to me, a card that cheers.
No teacher's pets, these kids of mine,
But they're all Grandpa's Valentines.

E. H. Coe 1973

"Valentine Verses"

Thanks for all you help us do,
And this is why we say,
Thank's again for what you've done,
And a Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day,
We hope you saw.
You're Our Valentine.
Signed; Grandpa and Grandma!!

You're awfully small to be so cute,
So I guess this is a good sign.
Also the reason I'm asking you,
To be My Valentine.

It's Valentine's Day, and I have for you,
A box that's filled with candy.
This is just my way to say,
That I think you're just dandy!

E.H. Coe 1973
Midi playing " My Funny Valentine"