This page is just a little  different! My Oldest Grandchild Derek, wrote this poem! Last year, when Derek was in the 5th. grade,
His poem was chosen to be published in

"The Teacher's Selection
Anthology of Poetry"

2003 Edition

As you can guess, WE are ALL SO  PROUD of Him!!
Congratulations Derek!!!
I KNOW that Great Grandpa would have been Too, to see Your Poem Published in a Book!!!

With Love,
Grandma and Grandpa!
"Math In Many Ways"

How many ways are there to do math?
Very, very many, there is no wrong path.

Do you ever compare at the fair?
Or do geometry while doing the laundry?
Some people subtract in the act.
Others divide after they've died!
There are ways to do arithmetic.
Try to find them all, just don't make youself sick!
Next time you want to do math,
Try doing it in the bath!

Derek Weaver 2003

Derek Age 11
Carroll Elementary School

Nominated by fifth grade teacher
Leanne Fabrycki
The Subject Derek picked was "Math"

Haiku Math

Of much importance
For the ones who understand,
Shall be the gifted

Here is one more that Derek wrote!

"What Is Math?

What exactly is math?
Try thinking about it while you are walking on a path.
Is a product what you buy?
Or is it what you get when you multiply?

What do you get when you measure?
Try it out, you might find treasure!
And pint, quart, and gallon, what's up with that?
They might be sizes of a hat!
And what's the difference between a meter...
And a liter?
Another thing, is there a square route...
For a boot?
Why do they have two systems, metric and customary?
Is it just something else for your mind to carry?
Math is so very confusing,
It is almost, kind of amusing!

Derek Weaver 2003
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Midi Playing

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Thank YOU Andrea for Derek's Award!! Derek likes it And so do I!!

Derek is now 16!!!