Mom and Dad grew up together. They loved each other with all their hearts. They were married 50 years in March and Dad passed away in July of that year. Mom passed  away in March of this year.
This is just one of many poems that Dad wrote for Mom.

My wife I've had for thirty years,
With  six more added on.
Now this may seem a long, long time,
But it has fastly gone.
We've raised our children, her and I,
And heart break sadly bore.
I  know there has been times for her,
When I've been quite a chore.
We've had our ups and downs you bet,
But I've known all the while.
When I come tired home from work,
She would greet me with a smile.
And I can see love in her eyes,
That's lasted through the years.
The eyes from which I know she's brushed,
Away so many tears.
And this she certainly must know,
As sure as God's above,
All though I seldom tell her so,
She has my deepest love.

E.H. Coe 1971