Mom passed away March 26, 2001. It has been a year since Mom's been gone and We Still Miss Her So Much. Mom Loved collecting Tea Cups and Saucers!! Here are a few poems that Dad wrote about Her! Hope You Enjoy Them!!
"Lost Touch"

Now Grandma really loves them,
You can see it in her eye's!
When talking to them on the phone,
Or they're nibbling her pies!
Or eating cookies, baked for them,
By Grandma's loving hands.

You really know that Grandma thinks
these wild ones are just grand!
Now Grandma will correct them,
But, her hands have lost the touch!
I think it's just because, you see,
She Loves them all So Much!!

E. H. Coe 1974

I must have been real smart, you know,
For I couldn't have picked another,
To have been a Better Wife to Me,
Or to My Kids, a Mother.

The Grandkids too, are mighty pleased,
They think there is no other
Nicer person in the world,
Than their own, Dear Grandmother.

E. H. Coe 1972

You feel you're getting old, you see,
At your Children's Anniversary.
Ten years ago, they were your own,
Now they have children, some half grown.
Times like this make You and I,
See how fast time passes by.
We realize, both You and me,
How swift We move to Eternity.

Yet we were blessed to have them small,
And also see their Children tall.
So Thanks above to Him we send,
We're Both Together, to the End.

E. H. Coe 1972
This is a poem that I received from Francine Pucillo after reading Dad's poems! She will never know how Touched I was! Again Francine, Thank You So Very Much!!!
~ Ode To A Friend I Know ~
Dedicated to E. H. Coe

I spent some time with E.H. Coe
The sweetest man I'll ever know
I read his poetry of the past
Heart as pure as crystal glass

Love in words he had to say
Little lessons sent our way
Love and laughter through his years
Words he wrote were so sincere

Simple words that always rhymed
His gift of life now all entwined
Little thoughts he left on earth
Today for me had so much worth

I met a man named E.H. Coe
By words he left so long ago
I wish that I had known him then
But then us poets meet again

I know he's watching from the sky
The faith he had he could rely
Upon the earth he smiles and sees
The seeds he planted huge oak trees

This man of simple love and care
The words to me beyond compare
So glad to meet you E.H. Coe
Today you made a poet glow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
March 21, 2002
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