My Son Sam, played Little League Ball when He was Young! We Loved to see him play!
Mom and Dad as Well!! Here is a poem that Dad wrote about one of his games!!!
"Little League"

The little league, played ball tonight,
Yellow against the Green.
It was the play-offs, and the boys,
Made everybody scream.
The yellow led nothing to one,
And Sam stepped up to hit.
He hit the ball a mighty swat,
Way out in field it lit.
He raced completely round the bags,
And headed for the plate.
The ball came screaming in, but then,
The throw was just too late.
This put the green team out ahead,
And they could not be stopped.
All because Sam hit the ball,
A mighty, might, wop!!!

E.H. Coe 1972
This one's for you, Sam!!
Hope you like it!!!