This is a poem where Dad is saying what He would do If He were Santa!!! Hope you like this one!!!
This page is dedicated to My Daughter, Cammy!! She is Very Unselfish and She collects Cherished Teddies!!! Hope You Like it Cammy!!!
"If I Were Santa"

If I were just old Santa Claus,
I'd make a change in plans.
I'd visit all the poor, poor kids,
Who don't know who I am.
I'd shower them with gifts galore,
With plenty for a feast.
I'd see that they got all they want,
And never miss the lest.
For Christmas blessings should be for,
The rich and poor alike.
Then Christmas would mean something,
To the very smallest tyke.
And they would know, in this old world,
That everyone's the same.
And the joy from helping others,
Puts our selfishness to shame.

E.H. Coe 1971

Thank You Amanda!!!
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