Dad wrote these poems after he became a Christian in August, 1976.
"Help Me"

Help me, Dear Father to always be
Thoughtful for those who are all about me.
Help me Dear Father, to share You with all,
And always be ready to answer Your call.
Keep me Lord tender to the needs of a friend,
Help me stay humble and willing to bend.
Help me Dear Father, to just cast a light,
So someone behind me, may see the path bright.

E.H. Coe 1979
"Help Me O Lord"

Help me today, O Lord Above,
That I be centered in Your Love.
That I may love my brothers here,
On this Great Earth that I hold dear.
That I may understand and pray,
To You, Dear Father, every day.
That I may help my fellow man,
In each and every way I can.
Now make me strong in my belief,
And hold me Father, in my grief.
My prayers please answer in Your way,
As I worship You Dear Lord each day.
And each small child let me hold dear,
To let them know that You are near.
Till time takes me in it's swift flight,
Please let me serve You, day and night.

E.H. Coe 1978
"My Prayer"

Dear God, I pray to You on High,
To Thank You for each day that I
Serve You Father, feel Your Love,
You pour on me from up above.
To Thank You Father, for Your plan,
For saving sinful souls of man.
For giving me the right to pray,
Expecting answers in Your way.
For giving me this world so bright,
And keeping me within Your sight.
I Thank You Father, this I pray,
That I will serve You every day.

E.H. Coe 1978