These are two Halloween poems that Dad wrote!! Hope you will enjoy reading them!!

Late in October, comes Halloween,
Masquerade parties with goblins and Queens.
Devils and clowns, knights and old demons,
Everyone dressing as if they were dream'n.
Haunting ghosts and cackling old witches,
Youthful trick or treaters gathering their riches.
Bright pumpkin faces, black cats and old hats,
Some dressing thin, some dressing fat.
Scaring the daylights out of small people,
Hanging a wagon up on a steeple.
Goblins and ghosts all over the place,
This comes in October to the whole human race.

E.H. Coe 1978
"On Halloween"

On Halloween, the banshee's scream,
And ghosts and goblins moan.
And all the eerie, creepy things,
Rise to roam and groan.
And all the kids put on a mask,
So they will look the same.
As all these nameless eerie things,
That haunt on Halloween.

E.H. Coe 1973
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