Painting by Tom Sierak
This is a poem that Dad wrote about the Grandkids as they got older!!! Dad also included My Sister and I in this one!!! The Grandkids were the "Apple of Mom and Dad's eye"!!!, And, so are Mine!!!

My Grandchildren grown, how time has sped by,
And left us behind, these years on the fly.
Sam, now a young man, so tall and lean,
Cammy in high school, a budding bright queen.
Shaun, at the age where he stretches and grows,
Tim, very careful and neat with his clothes.
Shannon, with good grades, bright as can be,
And cute baby Jane, a darling you see.
Our daughters grown older, their age, won't admit,
And I will confess, they've changed quite a bit.
So I'll thank my Maker, all the days of my life,
For giving Me Grandkids, my Kids and my Wife.

E.H. Coe 1978

"Little Ones"

We could all take lessons,
From little ones, you know.
They don't worry, I'll do this,
Or now, who do I owe.
They just live so happy,
Making life a breeze.
O, those are the happy days,
To live life as you please.
Let them enjoy it while they can,
Before long, you know what?
They'll be just like grown ups,
Caught in a terrible rut.

E.H. Coe 1978
"Pat On The Head"

A pat on the head,
and their hair they will comb.
A pat on the head,
And they'll help clean the room.
They'll do any thing,
And then some to spare.
If shown that someone,
Really does care.
They'll help with the dishes,
On chairs at the sink.
They'll do almost anything,
If they just think
That grown ups love them
And often are led,
By just a loving
Pat on the head.

E.H. Coe 1974
Painting by Tom Sierak