Dad wrote these poems for all of the Graduates of Millersport High School, or, Walnut Township as some call it! Mom and Dad also have Four Grandchildren and Three Great- Grandchildren Graduating this year!!! Ben will be graduating from Ohio University, In Athens, Ohio, Matt, from Millersport High School, Corey and Carrie, from  High  School in Florida, and Macy and Ryan, from "Kindergarten"!!, And Erin, from "Preschool"!!
Congratulations, Graduates of 2002!!!

This final day of Education,
This great, great day of Graduation.
For after striving to succeed,
Twelve short years, now they're freed.
They'll hold the light of freedom high,
Some may fall, but all will try.
Our Country's strength, lies in their lives,
And to this end, they all will strive.

The lessons here, they've all learned well,
These days beneath the old school bell.
And surely none will hesitate,
To make Our Country, Strong and Great!!

E.H. Coe 1973
"To Walnut High"

As the gold sun sets
In purple sky,
We think of you,
Dear Walnut High.

The best years of our life
We've spent,
Beneath your shadows,
Quite content.
From Autumn's haze,
To Springtime's rains,
We felt the warmth
Of your domain.
What we may be,
What we may do,
What we become,
We owe to you.
And as we leave,
Your stained old halls
To follow life's, stern
Beckoning call.
We know our thoughts,
As years go by,
Will oft return,
To Walnut High!

E.H. Coe

Mom and Dad's Son, Gilbert, Graduated from Millersport High School!! Mom and Dad's Grandchildren, Sam, Cammy, Shaun, Tim, Shannon, and Ben, Graduated from there too!! Jane Graduated from High School in Florida. In Fact, My Husband, Sam, Graduated from Millersport High School!!
Congratuations to the Graduates of the "Olden Days"!!!
Congratuations to All Graduates of 2002 !!!