With Our Tragedy, September 11, 2001, I Thought That We Would All Benefit From The  Way Mom And Dad Felt  About  God.
"God's There"

What a wonderful thing,
To know God's there.
For when we go,
To him in prayer.
He answers our needs,
Just the right way.
To keep us within,
His kingdom today.
Not always the things,
That we think we need.
But, always the things,
That help us indeed.
It's wonderful knowing,
God is there.
When we go to him,
In humble prayer.

E.H. Coe 1978

Have you seen God?
Or have you looked,
Into a tiny, tumbling brook.
Or listened to a mother's prayer,
Or seen her tender, loving care.
Have you seen God?
Just look and see.
The birds that fly the air so free,
The stars, so high up in the sky,
The look you see in friendly eyes.
Does God know you?
But are you sure,
For you must keep your dear heart pure.
And cleanse your soul, from all your sin,
And then Dear God, will take you in.

E.H. Coe 1972
"Is Our God Dead?"

Is Our God dead?
Just look around,
At violets peeping from the ground.
At leaves so green, on every tree,
At fragrant flowers, to feed the bee.
Is Our God dead?
Just look on High,
At all the colors, in the sky.
At summer storms, at spring time rains,
At all the fields, so full of grain.
Is Our God dead?
Just look about,
At children, as they run and shout.
The birds, the lake, the sunny days,
Just look, and then, Our Dear God Praise.
No, God's not dead, He's everywhere,
To help us all, our burdens bear.
He's all about, and yet within,
Our God Loves All, yet Hates Our Sin.

E.H. Coe 1973
Thank You, Lady Care!
Thank You, Cyndi!
From Texas!
Thank You, Louise!
From England!