Here is a cute poem that Dad wrote about His Grandchildren  on Beggers Night!!  Dad sure could write about Everything!!!
"Ghosts and Goblins"

I never believed in Ghosts, Goblins or Fiends,
Until at my door, they knocked, Halloween.
To ravage the goodies, set there in a bowl,
To pay off these monsters, the ghosts, and ghouls.
They came,some alone, the rest in small groups,
Some bright and shining, some small and drooped.
They extracted their ransom, I thought I was free,
Until later on, five came back to me.
Two of them girl ghosts, the other three boys,
Carrying their booty, all making noise.
They marched right on in, and to my surprise,
I looked down into five pair of bright eyes.
And then they exclaimed, in voices I knew,
"Look what we've got Grandpa, just for you".
Apples and pop corn, candy and gum,
"We've haunted for these, and brought you back some"!!

E.H. Coe 1972

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