Mom and Dad loved to take walks in the wintertime too!  Hope you enjoy this poem!!
"Foot Tracks"

It's fun while walking in the snow,
To see foot tracks, and where they go.
Bird tracks running all around,
Where they've been feeding on the ground.
Rabbit tracks and more to match,
All leading to the brier patch.
A dog's tracks leading here and so
He's trailing something in the snow.

A fox tracks plainly let's us see,
He's heading for that patch of trees.
But soon again, will come the snow,
And the foot tracks, all will go.

E.H. Coe 1972
"A Winter Walk"

A winter walk out through the snow,
On Sunday afternoon.
Let's you enjoy the winter,
But makes you think of June.

For as you trudge the crunchy snow,
Through it's white drifting cold.
You know that tulips underneath,
Wait, their beauty to unfold.

Also the yellow daffodils,
Waits with patience there.
Until the coming of the Spring,
Their beauty to unbare.

E.H. Coe 1972