More poems that Dad wrote about the Autumn Season! Mom and Dad also enjoyed, not only driving all around to see the Fall Colors, but, They enjoyed looking for Walnuts too! Mom used them in Her Holiday baking!! Hope You enjoy Dad's "Nut" Poem!!!
"Fall Nuts"

The hickory and walnuts abound,
Upon the brightly, colored ground.
Covered by the leaves that lay,
In brightly, colored disarray.
Blown there by Autumn breeze,
That whipped them from the mother trees.
The nuts you'll gather in a sack,
Lug them home, then hurry back!
Until you have all that's around,
The brightly, covered Autumn ground.
Now comes the job, you hull them out,
With stain and hulls, there is no doubt!
This is a job, but you'll not budge,
For YOU have tasted, Walnut Fudge!

E.H. Coe 1973

And, We all LOVED Mom's Walnut Fudge!!!
Shirley made this Beautiful Picture!!
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Thank You, Shirley!!

October's sundrenched landscape,
With colors, bright and gay.
Telling us it's Autumn,
And Winter's on it's way.
Telling us that Summer's gone,
And soon there will appear,
A cold and windy Winter wind,
To nip our nose and ear.
Telling us, enjoy the days,
Enjoy them while you can!
For soon o'er colored leaves we'll have,
A Snow'y Winterland.

E.H. Coe 1973
Midi playing "Come Little Leaves"
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