Mom and Dad were honest, hardworking people!! And, as I mentioned before, Dad could say it like it was!! Here are two poems where he does just that!!!
"Election Time"

Always during election year,
It makes me kinda sick.
To hear the Politicians,
All lay it on so thick.
They promise this, they promise that,
They promise us alot.
But once they are elected,
We all can go to pot.
They're gonna keep us out of war,
They're gonna get us jobs.
Then after we elect them,
All we get from them is sobs.
So for a change, it would be nice,
To get an honest man.
And have him make no promises,
Just do the best he can.
For if he'd do his very best,
He'd satisfy the crowd.
He then would have a record,
Of which he could be proud.

E.H. Coe 1972

We have to get right down to facts,
It's time again for Income Tax.
The bite the country gets from you,
So we can wave, red white and blue.
The bite they get, though some get sore,
To help the country fight the war.
And also see that it has paid,
The bills that come from Foreign Aid.
And some then goes with hesitation,
To help support United Nations.
A small amount to help the poor,
A large amount, the President's Tour.
Some more, although it seems insane,
To help the President buy a plane.
And more, although it's hard to see,
That helps to spread Democracy.
Also money in position,
To give the crooked Politician.
Another reason for taxation,
Is to further Education.
So shake it loose, and freely give,
This is the Best place still to live.

E.H. Coe 1972

This is for Chuck, Tim and Sam!!
They were Proud to Serve in the Marine Corps!
I have Friends who live in Baltimore Ohio,
Forrest and Trudy. Forrest Served Proudly in the Marine Corp as Well!!!