This is one of Dad's "Easter Story's"!!! Hope you enjoy reading it!!!
"Easter Bunny"

The little bunny hopped along
The mossed, old garden wall.
His thoughts were not the very best,
His Mother heard him call.
"What's wrong?" she said, as she ran up
Beside him on the path.
"Who's rubbed your fur wrong now, my boy,
What's caused you all this wrath?"
"Now you can laugh Mom, all you want,
But I don't think it's funny.
The name we get this time of year,
The name of "Easter Bunny".
"The name's not meant for fun, my boy,"
Said Mother, with a smile.
"Come with me, so you can see,
Bear with me for a while."
From in the bushes, deep and safe,
They peeked out on a lawn
Where small children ran about,
For it was Easter dawn.
The children searched, and one remarked,
"Gee, look what I found here,
A pretty red and blue Easter egg,
From Easter Bunny Dear!
The Bunnies left eggs for us kids,
In the grass and long the wall!"
Then ran off home, their good deed done,
Without a thank's from all.
And so the bunny ran off home,
His world seemed much more sunny!
For now he knew the reason,
They were called "The Easter Bunny"!!

E.H. Coe 1972

Midi "Funny Bunny"!!