I can still picture Dad sitting at the table writing a poem!!!

" Days Gone By"

Beautiful thoughts of days gone by,
A Mother's prayer, a baby's cry.
The wind a blowing on your cheek,
Those fishing trips along the creek.
Fireworks on Fourth of July,
March winds making kites fly high.
Christmas time with cold white snow,
Summer time with grass to mow.
The smell of earth as ground was plowed,
The county fair, with all the crowd.
Fishing, boating on the lake,
The cutting of a birthday cake.
Friends and neighbors living near,
Football games we held so dear.
Buckwheat cakes on winter morn's,
Blackberry picking, with the thorns.
Homemade ice cream, picnic's swell,
Baseball games, where we all yell.
These are things we know and love,
Given us by God above.

E.H. Coe 1972

Thank you my Friend!!!!!!