Poems that Dad wrote about our First Flower of Spring and, the Flower of Cheerfulness!
Hope you enjoy reading them!!

Gentle Crocus, neath the sod,
Placed there by the hand of God.
To spring up, when we are weary,
Of this long cold winter dreary.

Yes dear Crocus, we remember,
You've been thought of since November.
We know all through Winter harsh,
You'll spring up again in March.

E.H. Coe 1973

It pokes it's head up out of the earth,
Almost like hocus-pocus.
For it's the first flower of the Spring,
The lowly little Crocus.
It come's before the Tulips,
And before the Daffodil's.
It doesn't stay so very long,
But the sight of it just thrills

A person who is weary,
Of Winter's snow and ice.
And so we love the Crocus,
Cause seeing it's so nice!

E.H. Coe 1973
Midi "Awesome God"
Words and Music by Rich Mullins
Click below for words to this  Midi! One of my Favorites!