"Colors Of Spring"

The purple Hyacinth of Spring,
The bright red Tulips plume.
And see the bright, fresh yellow
Of Forsythia's in bloom?
The sparkling green of all the leaves?
The pink and white of flowers?
Now we know that Spring is here,
With welcome April showers!

E. H. Coe 1978
This is a poem that Dad wrote about all the Pretty Flowers that come up in the Spring!! Since many of us have had so much RAIN, I thought you would like to read one of Dad's "Rainy May" poems!!
Hope you enjoy both of them!!!
Midi playing "Oh How He Loves You and Me"
Thank You so much, Shirley!!
"Rainy May"

A rainy day in May can get
You mighty, mighty wet!
And also when it rains, you know,
Your spirits can get mighty low.

So keep your spirits up my friend,
For it will rain until it ends!
With weather, there's not much to do,
But sit right there and see it through!

E.H. Coe 1972