When we were growing up, We went to our Grandparents house every year for Christmas Eve. What happy times those were!! This is the poem that Dad wrote about our "Christmas Party". What fond memories this poem brings back!!!
"Our Christmas Party"

We have this party every year,
All our folks and we.
We spend one real great afternoon,
Visiting you see.

My sisters kids, and all  their kids,
And my kids gather round.
To eat and talk and have such fun,
Here joy and love abounds.
And after each and everyone,
Fill their tummys full,
Old Santa Claus comes slipping in,
Really acting cool.
He has a bag with goodies in,
He sits them on his knee,
And after finding what they want,
He gives them some candy.
Now this is certainly one great day,
That each of us hold dear.
For from this happy, joyous day,
Comes Merry Christmas cheer.

E.H. Coe 1979