"Christmas Carols"

We love to hear the Christmas Carols,
Sung on Christmas Eve.
By children who sing with such zeal,
You know they must believe
The meaning of this Christmas time
And Jesus sacred birth.
And all about the Love of God,
Of peace and joy on earth.
And of the shepherds and their sheep
Who so many years ago,
Followed far the wonderous star
To see Christ's face aglow.
The Wise Men three, who traveled from
Their homes so far away.
To find the lowly manger,
Where the Baby Jesus lay.
The Carolers , though they do not know,
Have touched upon a chord
Within our hearts, and we can see,
Our Great Debt to The Lord.

E. H. Coe 1971
Lyrics to "Let There Be Peace On Earth"

Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth,
the peace that was meant to be.

With God as our Father,
brothers all are we,
Let me walk with my brother,
in perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me,
let this be the moment now,
With ev'ry step I take,
let this be my solemn vow,

To take each moment and live each moment
in peace, eternally .
Let there be peace on Earth,
and let it begin with me.

This is another Christmas poem that Dad wrote. Let us remember all of the families of those lost and, All of our troops and their families in this New Year!