Dad wrote many religious poems. Here is one of them!!
"Early Christians"

O'How God knew the mighty men,
Who served Him in their day.
Who knew His voice, His love, His touch,
In such a mighty way.

These men who served our Mighty God,
In humbleness and pain.
Who suffered for the Master,
Time and time again.

Who gave their all to Christ the King,
To help God's great church grow.
Who suffered stone and spear and sword,
To really make it so.

Despised by men, yet loved by God,
These early Christians knew,
That with God's help and mighty grace,
They all could see it through.

So, can we not be sure today,
If trials and death we share.
We also serve this mighty God,
Who helps with loving care.

E.H. Coe 1978

Midi playing "Alleluia"