Here is another good poem of Dad's!! Maybe we all should take his advice!!!

Busy busy busy,
Keeping busy is a must.
Busy busy busy,
It agrees with folks like us.
For when we're keeping busy,
Into mischief you won't be.
So just keep busy busy,
And you will see!!

E.H. Coe 1972
This page is for Kaitlyn!! She is My Oldest Granddaughter and  is 10 yrs. Old!! Kaitlyn's Favorite Thing is Cats!!! She has a Cat named "Meows" and She Loves that Cat So Much!!! Hope You Like this Kitty and Great Grandpa's Poem Kaitlyn!!!
Song playing "Alley Cat"!
This is for You, Kaitlyn!!
These are pictures of Kaitlyn's Cat, Meows!!!
Click to visit some Cat Links!!