These are a few "Birthday" poems that Dad wrote for the Grandkids!!!
"Baby's Birthday"

Janie's first Birthday, one year old today,
She enjoyed it , I'm sure, without much to say.
Four and five teeth, and trying to talk,
And doing a great job, trying to walk.
Being made over by all of the kids,
Spoiling her, some of them say Grandma did.
Looking for Grandpa, she's such a doll,
Yet some of her antics drive Mom up the wall.
But she's sweet and pretty, cute as can be,
Time will pass quickly and grown up she'll be.
And we'll all remember her first Birthday here,
Cause she's cute and sweet, and we all hold her dear.

E.H. Coe 1978

"One Year Old"

Happy BIrthday, for I'm told,
That today, you're one year old.
And I hope, just for your sake,
You'll get a great big Birthday cake!
"Two Year Old"

Two year old, today's the day,
I want to take the time to say
Enjoy it in your own cute way,
Because today is your Birthday!
"Three Year Old"

You're getting older, three year old,
And now, if I may be bold.
Here is what I'd like to say,
I hope you have a great Birthday!
"Four Year Old"

You're four year's old today I know,
Now don't you say "I told you so".
But I think, for your Birthday sake,
You're going to have a Birthday cake!
"Five Year Old"

Five year old, you're growing up,
You're taller, don't you see?
You're certainly much more grown,
Than you were when you were three!
"Six Year Old"

Six year old, we know that you'll
Soon be starting into school.
With that in mind, just let us say,
A Happy, Happy Sixth Birthday!
"Eight Year Old"

Eight year old, you've got a surprise,
For if you'll open your bright blue eyes.
You'll see eight tiny candles, on a cake,
All lit up for your Birthday's sake!
"Nine Year Old"

Nine year old, you're something else,
And I am here to say.
I don't know who I'd rather wish,
A happy , bright Birthday!

E.H. Coe 1972

Birthays are like cherries,
Hanging from a tree.
And when we start to pick them,
How happy we can be.

Then we get too many,
To tired and all that stuff.
To many cherries on Birthdays,
Can often be enough.
But stop and think of cherries,
How good in a pie.
Then think of good things we can do,
As Birthdays rush by.

E.H. Coe 1982