Here are two poems that Dad wrote about his two Granddaughters!! Shannon, who had the nickname of Beeky, and Jane, who was named after Mom!!! They both live in Florida now!!! Hope everyone enjoys these two poems that Dad wrote about them!!!

This Beeky of ours,
Is as smart as can be.
And bright as a bulb,
On a Christmas Tree.
When into mischief,
She thinks with a kiss,
That her little tricks,
From your mind you'll dismiss.

E.H. Coe 1971


Janie, the youngest of our clan,
Blonde and smart as a whip.
Now I'll bet, when she grows up,
She'll certainly be a pip.

She's only four but loves to play,
Old Maid, and other games.
She always loves to win you see,
If she doesn't, you're to blame.

She's spoiled some, but like the rest,
She's Grandpa's sweetie pie.
And I  thank God for letting me,
Know her before I die.

E.H. Coe 1982

I know that Dad would have wanted the girls to enjoy reading the poem he wrote about each one of them!! So, this page is dedicated to Shannon and Jane!! Hope you both still love Barbie!!!