Mom and Dad had Many Good  Friends over the years and, They were Good Friends to Many!!! Here are a few poems that Dad wrote about Their Friends!!!
"Because We're Friends"

We're really glad to know you,
Our love to you we send.
We wish you such a lovely day,
Just because we're friends.

These words are really from our hearts,
We knew you way back when,
Good old days were good old days,
And friends were really friends.

E.H. Coe


We Thank You God for friends we meet,
Along the highway, upon the street.
Friends who reach out to those in need,
Folks who are friends, yes, friends indeed.

Friends, who we sometimes, forget their names,
And I'm sure their problem is the same.
So we Thank You God, in our humble way,
That You've given us friends like these today.

E.H. Coe 1981

"Old Friends"

Old Friends are gone, we've no regrets,
We did our very best.
For God is final in His plan,
For putting man to rest.

We serve Him here the best we can,
And worship Him as God.
For then when we have reached the goal,
He'll give the final nod.

E.H. Coe
"Good Friends"

Good Friends are the ones
Who are true blue.
Ones you can take
Your troubles to.
A talk with them,
Some time will make,
The difference in
One's heartache.
And just a pat
From them will say,
We're with you Friend,
All the way.

E.H. Coe
The Rose is the Flower of Love!
I would like to Dedicate this page to My Three Great Friends!!
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I hope you will visit Each of Their Pages!! And Stay Awhile!! Their Sites are VERY, VERY GOOD!!!
I would also like to Thank My Other Friends and Family for Enjoying My Dad's Poems!! It would have made Dad So Happy!!!
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