This is a poem that Dad wrote about His trip to the Doctor's!! I'm sure that we can all relate to this one!!! But, Dad did write this poem in 1974 and prices are a "little" different today!!!
"A Visit To The Doctor's"

My appointment was at two o'clock,
I knocked upon the door.
And finally it was opened,
Just as I was getting sore.
They ushered me into a room,
And then into my mouth
They shoved a glass thermometer,
Then must have headed south!

For I waited and I waited,
Reading all the books, you see,
That were lying on a table,
Right there next to me.

And then the Doctor entered,
A mask upon his face.
Examined me quite casually,
Never slacking pace.

"The bug you've got", the Doctor said,
"It's hard to chase away".
"A shot and pills is what you'll get,
To take the next few days".

Smiling then, the Doc walked out,
Now here's the worst of luck!
My share of this was eighteen pills,
His share was eighteen bucks!!!

E.H. Coe 1974

Thank You Again, Andrea!!!